As my participation at Johannesbad marathon I accept the organisers’ liability exclusion in case of any damages. I will raise claims against neither the organisers nor the municipalities, nor the owners of private roads nor their representatives in the event of damage or injury of any kind which may arise from my participation in the running events.

    I declare that I have sufficiently trained for participation in this competition, that I am physically healthy and that my state of health has been medically confirmed.

    I agree that the data referred to as my application, as well as results, photos, film footage and interviews of me, can be used in the media without any compensation claims from my side and may be used for sponsorship purposes during this event.

    I assure that I will not pass on my starting number to any other person. I am aware that I will be disqualified should I change my starting number in any way, in particular if advertising material is hidden or unrecognisable, or if I am accompanied by people on sports equipment (inline skates, bicycles or similar). I acknowledge that the use of Nordic walking sticks is not allowed on the running circuit!

    There are no recovery claims possible in case of force majeure, postponement or cancellation of the event.I also agree to be taken out of the race against my will by the track personnel if the organiser deems it necessary for various reasons.