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    PROGRAMME ON SATURDAY, 01.02.2020 

    1. Sportsymposium (Program follows)

    Speaker: Jan Fitschen
    Wunderläuferland Kenia - Die Geheimnisse der erfolgreichsten Langstreckenläufer der Welt 

    Saturday, 01.02.2020 from 2 - 3.30 p.m. 
    10th Floor Johannesbad Fachklinik
    Johannesstraße 2, 94072 Bad Füssing


    2. Pasta Party

    As every year on Saturday, 01.02.2020, from 4-7 p.m.. Free for all marathon starters.

    Both events are free for all runners. External symposium participants can serve themselves from the “all you can eat” pasta buffet for a fee of € 8.00 – one beverage included!

    You will also have the chance to join the pasta party and the extended swimming day (‘til 21:00) for a fee of € 15.00. Please contact the information desk at the Johannesbad atrium regarding registration.

    Extended swimming day on Saturday 

    Free for all starters of the 27th Johannesbad marathon and available at HappyHour-conditions for all symposium visitors: thermal spa + sauna area for only € 12.00 on Saturday, 01.02.2020 from 1 - 9 p.m.

    Shopping at the marathon-weekend

    Shopping is possible in the Jovendi thermal shop on Saturday and Sunday until 6 p.m. Every participant of the Johannesbad marathon will receive a 10% discount.